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10-15 MPH Speed Bump - 35" Wide End


Controls traffic and reduces speeds with this effective, durable, long lasting product. Place in strategic locations on the street, in parking lots, around schools, on private residential thoroughfares or anywhere traffic calming is necessary. It slows traffic effectively without tire or vehicle damage. Use to control traffic speed during public events, gatherings, or special events. Temporary or permanent installation on concrete or asphalt. Mastic or anchor pins available as specified. Lightweight and flexible, it conforms to contours of road surface. Economical and built to last, ENVIROform speed bumps withstand over 2,000 psi pressure. Easily transported and fast installation without the need for heavy equipment.

A Speed Hump is a raised device, parabolic in shape which is placed across a roadway to reduce speeds to 10-20 mph. These are wide devices ideal for schools and other areas where pedestrian safety is a concern.

These heavy duty products are backed by a 2 year warranty.

  • All Speed Bumps and Speed Humps are uniformly made
  • Can be installed by a single person
  • Maximum visibility
  • Do not require repainting
  • Installed with light tools
  • Easily movable and removable
  • Does not chip, break or crack
  • Long wearing
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Promotes recycling awareness

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