Parking Accessories

Rubber Corner Guards protect columns and edges. In parking garages, there's a lot of movement. This increases the probability of damage from vehicles. So these corner guards also make it easier for drivers to identify the columns, and avoid them.

Speed Bumpers and Rubber Speed Humps are used in Parking Garages, to ensure that people drive slow there. Installed across the width of a road; these are ideal for residential roads and slow cars down to 10-20 mph. Rubber speed humps are made of high-quality rubber, and are quite cost effective as compared to concrete, metal, or asphalt. They're specially designed to slow down cars, without causing them much damage. Ideally they should be installed in a series, to sustain their speed reduction effect. 

Parking Wheel Stoppers are a crucial part of parking facilities. They're highly visible due to their yellow and black color. They ensure safety for the vehicle, passing pedestrians, and the property itself. Also known as wheel stops, they stop vehicles from moving further than an allocated distance, and assist drivers park in the correct position in all car park settings. Parking stops can also provide a barrier between two rows of parking spaces to prevent accidental collisions. They provide good energy absorption from vehicle impact, so they're also ideal for protecting structures from vehicle damage. Parking Wheel Stoppers are made with a high impact resistance extruded rubber. This makes them easy to lift and install, as well as highly resistant to weather, cracks, and abrasion. 

Garage Parking Mirrors increase your visibility while parking. Parking is not an easy task. In parking lots there's a risk of people accidentally hitting other cars or the structure while parking. They're used to find out vehicles in blind spots or hidden areas, as well to facilitate people during parking and minimize unexpected damage. 

Parking Barriers and Parking Barricades block entrances for vehicles. Some garages are reserved for specific people. Others may require an entry process or fee. For both these cases, you need to stop vehicles at entrances. So these barriers can be used for that purpose. There are various sorts of barriers and barricades used. Some of these are used at (entry/exit) checkpoints, and can be lifted to allow passage. Others can be placed somewhere to block the flow of traffic, and removed to allow it again.

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Our products are durable, and come with impeccable quality. They're ideal for all sorts of parking areas, garages, and basements. wE offers all these Parking Accessories, in a wide range of selections. Contact us to acquire our services, all over the USA.