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RollMaster 1000 Line Painting Machine


·         Economical – Get rid of those expensive, clog prone aerosol stripers. Use the RollMaster 1000 Line Painting Machine with economical 1-gallon cans of bulk paint for perfect lines every time.

·         Easy to Use – So simple you can do a great striping job your first time out. Foolproof tubing squeeze pump delivers paint from standard paint can directly to the foam roller. It is light weight and easy to handle.

·         Safe – This line striping machine as doesn’t have a dangerous engine, high pressure pumps & hoses or explosive aerosol cans.

·         Quiet & Clean -No engine or compressor noise, harmful fumes or over spray. Stripe inside or out anytime day or night. Plus, with no over spray you can stripe within 2 inches of cars, walls or other obstacles.

·         Fast Clean up – Clean up is quick and easy. Simply rinse roller mandrel and tubes. Rollers can be disposed of after use.

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